Sessions are normally weekly and at the same time each week. We will decide in advance how many sessions we’ll do together (normally 4 or 6) before we review and consider if the therapy is working well, and whether to continue. There will be regular reviews throughout the course of therapy.

All sessions last 50 minutes.


Payment must be made for all sessions, including those you cancel or don’t attend. It’s usually possible to reschedule a session if more than 48 hours notice is given. We can make arrangements for unavoidable absences and holidays.

Our therapy contract

When a client decides to begin a course of therapy, the client and therapist will sign a contract which includes a commitment to attend and pay for sessions as agreed, and limitations on confidentiality where there may be a safeguarding issue. Clients must attend all sessions alcohol and substance free. This does not include medication prescribed by a GP or other appropriate professional.

Communication between sessions and crisis support

Communication between sessions can only be for practical reasons. I can be contacted via email on but can’t guarantee a quick reply.

Sources of crisis support include

If you’re based in east London you can access the 24-hour City & Hackney crisis helpline on 020 8432 8020.

Online therapy

There are advantages and disadvantages to online art therapy. We can discuss these in our initial correspondence or at our first meeting. Online meetings and sessions are via Google Meet, which is free for clients to download and use. Google Meet’s privacy statement is here. Please note clients must provide their own art materials for online therapy. I can advise you what materials to get.

Ending therapy

You can end your course of therapy at any time. However it’s advisable to plan the ending at least a few weeks in advance.